Bringing Chamber Music Home

By May 10, 2014 Hosts No Comments
Wells house

This is an idea we are currently developing. We would like to develop a network of “Hosts” who have the space in their home to present a small chamber concert. This is by no means a new idea; after all, this would be how chamber music would have always been heard back in the day. However, in today’s difficult climate, where it is often a struggle to break even at concerts and to even be able to afford a venue, we feel this could be the perfect way to move forward. The basic premise is that the host can either fund the concert themselves, perhaps for a very special occasion, inviting friends and family along. Alternatively, they may have a small group of like minded friends who would be happy to share the cost to experience such an intimate performance. A huge part of this would be to then meet and talk with the musicians, perhaps over a meal or a glass of wine, to really break down the barrier between audience and performer. If you are interested in hosting a concert, or know someone who might be suitable, please contact us at

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